360 Degree Meat and Poultry is a family owned and operated company. We are one of Melbourne’s leading wholesalers of fresh meat and poultry products.Proudly we service a diverse Customer base including premium hotels and restaurants, golf clubs, licenced venues (pubs), consumer food manufactures and health care facilities.

Committed to keeping our company relevant to our Customers, we have over time refined our product & service model to position ourselves as a single source supplier.

360 Degree Meat & Poultry is the consolidation of Tiago Poultry (original company), Rose Poultry (acquired 2008) and Ashwood Meat Supply (acquired 2010).

The motivation for rebranding our company 1st September 2011 to 360 Degree Meat & Poultry was our desire to emphasise our commitment to;

  1. Extensive range of premium quality and consistent products
  2. Superior service
  3. Competent administrative processes

We are committed to delivering a 360 degree business-to-business experience.